Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My Objective

Now that I've been blogging for a few weeks, I'm going to take a look back at what I've said so far, what it all deals with, and what I really want to get across. Now, I've definitely digressed on a few items, but I've identified the posts with the common theme that sort of sticks with me as I write all this stuff. The list is below and it constitutes the majority of my substantial blogging:

The Communicator's Conundrum
If Everybody Blogs, Who Will Read?
Huey Lewis, Look No Further
Three Reasons Why I Stayed off the Anti-SOPA Bandwagon
Chopsticks on a Grand Piano
It's Not About Money (Part III)
Technology: Paths of Least Resistance

I don't actually expect that you've gone through all of them (I probably wouldn't have if I were in your shoes), but if you looked at a few you might have noticed that the common theme was a sort of criticism of actions or beliefs that have arisen as common in the digital age today.

I've mentioned every so often that I am not anti-technology. I think that the internet is great. My criticism usually stems from the observation of irresponsible or unreasonable use of technology. In essence, I wish to highlight the necessity of maturity, responsibility, and restraint in the use of digital technology today.

If I have encouraged someone to be more civil, more objective, or more responsible in the use of technology, or to think more critically when receiving new information, then I have accomplished what I wanted to do.

To that end, I'll close this post: don't be stupid.

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